1877 STEIN takes great advantage of its historical experiences and its valuable network of agents around the world who are able to offer international quality services.

1877 STEIN is the ideal partner to avoid the stressful aspects of a transfer to and from foreign countries because it provides all-in door to door solutions, from packaging to the handling of all customs paperwork, and offers customized services based on the real needs of the customer.

The most appropriate type of transport (by road, sea, air, rail or intermodal) is planned according to the destination and determines the choice of the packing materials to use, the timing and costs.

Shipping, transport and international removals are safe and at the right price in the DNA of the 1877 STEIN which operates at the international level in accordance with the standards set forth in the UNI-EN 12522-1 and 2 since its inception.

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