Our mission is to make your move stress free.

This is why we offer the insurance for used household goods, personal effects an cars.


We cooperate with the Lloyds’ of London for the express purpose ofproviding specialized transit insurance coverage for domestic and internationalshipments of used household and personal effects.

Rates quoted are for “All Risks”.

All insurances are door to door, unless otherwise stated on the certificate. Please note that all items in the shipmentmust be insured.Any policy that covers only a limited number of items in the shipment is subject to rejection or willbe considered co-insured.

Also, coverage will be rejected should any application be for other than the usual mixture of household goods; i.e. over 50%of the value being in one class of items, such as computer equipment, or in any one group, such as antiques,china, works of art, etc., unless I.T.I. is notified prior to shipment.

A commodity certificate or an additional premium may be necessary.

Our Transit Insurance does NOT cover currency, jewellery, watches, coins, stamps, stocks, collections, non-negotiable instruments, pets oritems of a similar nature.

When insuring personal vehicles, acondition report is issued at origin and destination.

Please note that wewill not cover marring, denting, chipping, scratching or pre-existing damages for vehicles over three years of age.


Pairs & Sets is an additional coverage. The insurance does not cover an entire set if any single item(s) is lost ordamaged. Payment will only be made for the proportionate value of the item(s) lost or damaged. If this option is selected,we would consider the entire set as one item.


If an item(s) of the set could not be repaired or replaced, the insurers we would replace the entire damaged set that becomes our property.

Mechanical & Electrical is an additional coverage. The insurance does not cover any internal electrical or mechanicalcomponent of any device unless exceptions are noted at time of delivery for external damage to such property.Loss of data and recalibration are also excluded. If this option is selected, we would cover internal breakage with no externaldamage. Please note that data loss is still not covered.

If you decide to insure on your own with another insurer, the certificate must contain the clause of no recourse to the shipping house 1877 STEIN srl.

In case you decide not to insure, the 1877 STEIN is solely responsible for the liability that the carriers (shipping lines, airlines, road haulers and railways companies)assume.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us freely, insurance is a serious investment, you either make it good or nothing.

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