Most of the shipments with destination Rome are transported with large vehicles and intermodal containers coming from other parts of the country, continental Europe or distant ports.

The Centre of Rome, and suburbs, areoften inaccessible both for the conformation of the urban road network, both for the Limited traffic Zone (ZTL) which required permits for access, parking and transit.

1877 STEIN offers logistics solution to solve the problem with the Cargo Shuttle Service.

1877 STEIN warehouses are locatedon the Via Tiburtina Valeria that connects Rome with Pescara (former Ostia Aterni) on the Adriatic sea.

They are at only one kilometre from the Rome Customs house, two from the A-1 Milan/Naples and three from the A-24 to L’Aquila, four from the GRA (the Roman ring) that gives them the privilege of perfect communications with any part of the city and surroundings.

Being so accessible to/from the motorway network, away from traffic, without parking problems and accessibility they can be used as collection and sorting center. Containers or vehicles are emptied and the goods are deposited in temporary storage facilities or sorted directly on small vehicles that operate a shuttle service for distribution to the final destinations.

Goods are transported on the busy streets of Rome on suitable vehicles authorized for access in the ZTL (Zones with Traffic Limitation) area because eco-friendly. For this they are able to park and unload close to the delivery points.

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