1877 STEIN clears through Customs for its clients by in transit, definitive or temporary import and export operations for any kind of goods.

Each country has its own laws and regulations which are constantly updated for specific legal procedures.

The many differences and the continuous changes can lead to interpretative difficulties or problems that cause delays and extra costs.

The professionalism and competence of 1877 STEIN,and its network of qualified agents, makes it much faster and safer the transit of shipments through Customs guaranteeing timely arrival at destination of the cargo, independently to the final destination and formalities to fulfill.

The membership with FIATA enables 1877 STEIN to have access to an important network of specialized agents that provide assistance before and after the shipment. The agents shall ensure that the shipments are accompanied by all proper documentation required for customs clearance at the destination and provide personal support when your presence is required by Customs.

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