In 1877 was founded in Parma the pasta maker company BARILLA, the american astronomer Asaph Hall discovers Deimos, the outer moon of Mars and Phobos, the inner moon of Mars. In Milan is created the first working telephone line and Thomas Edison invents the phonograph cylinder, the first device for recording and replaying sound.

The 1877 is also the year of birth of STEIN. The freight forwarder company touched 3 centuries of history with Popes, Pius IX, overcoming two world wars unscathed, the fall of Wall Street and its economic crisis, the jolt of ‘ 68, the oil crisis of the 70 ‘s and the fall of the first Republic.

Since 1877 STEIN does logistics services nationally and internationally and is able to handle shipments of any goods through efficient and timely services for private homes, businesses, offices, libraries and archives.

The personal commitment of the property, the courtesy, honesty and efficiency are characteristics that are inherited by the family Righetti who took over the company in the years sixties by Mrs. Irene Stein, daughter of the founder Carl.

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